October 2011

The London Insurrections

November 2011

The Occupy Movement

The State of Revolution

All Out N30

December 2011

How Facebook Changed the World

There’s a Class War On, Dickhead. Pick a Side

January 2012

The London Insurrections – Again

Boring Piece #1: Was Freud right when he said psychoanalysis is concerned with ‘social phenomenon’ including politics?

February 2012

Ranting About ‘The Help’


Slingshot Issue #109

March 2012


Boring Piece #2: Compare and contrast classical anarchism with anarchism after 1945.

The State, Capital and Representation

April 2012

George Galloway Election Triumph Hails New Era For British Left

May 2012

Liverpool, Local Elections, Low Turnout

June 2012

For the Widespread Adoption of Militant, Combative Direct Action Tactics

January 2013

Vietnam’s Second Revolution

April 2014 

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

September 2014

Vote Yes

October 2014

Rojava, Kobane and the Western Left